Software under development

HR Essentials

This program is being developed and will be integrated into Payroll Essentials allowing the user to use either program or both together. The staff list will be shared between the two programs in order to reduce the administration.

The HR program will cover most aspects usually required for this function and is designed to work equally as well for a business with very few staff where the principle usually is the person handling both staff functions or for a larger business with a seperate people responsible for each function.

For the smaller business it will help guide you through some of the more difficult aspects of HR such as disiplinary issues, appraisals and tracking dialogue. There are sections for absence monitoring, training, recruitment and contract management as well as bonus payment recording and salary change monitoring.

This business program will reward you greatly by ensuring that you monitor and manage your HR function effectively. Should you require any further information please contact the office.

Cloud Computing
Software Essentials are currently in the process of preparing to offer their business software on a Cloud platform. This will mean that you will be able to hold your software on our servers and run your applications over the internet. We will take care of backup, security and disaster recovery strategy. We will do all necessary upgrades and run the platform for you.

We will start with our Payroll, Time Billing system, HR (as above) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Once these are installed and running well we will progressively add our other programs to this environment providing our users with the option to move their processing to a manged environment.

For further information about the products under development and for probable release dates please use the contact form. Contact