CRM Essentials

Searching for new business for your company is the life blood of a thriving operation. If you don't find new companies that need your services then your company will have difficulty growing.

When you identify potential new customers they are like gold dust. Therefore it is of the utmost importance that when you find new prospects you service them efficiently. In this way you demonstrate that your company is the one with which they should be doing business.

Capturing new business is important. However, if you become too busy searching for new business you will eventually find that you are not taking sufficient care of the needs of your existing clients.

CRM Essentials will help you in both of these important areas. It not only provides a convenient way in which to monitor and follow up new prospects but it also provides for the continued servicing of the needs of your existing client base. When you say you will get back to a company, you do.

The program provides a next contact list which clearly displays any planned contact which is to be done today and those that have not been done but are dated to do earlier than today. This makes it very easy to plan and execute your workload.

The prospect record has all the contact details and notes about their requirements and also every time you contact them you can record what was said and done. You can record the product in which they are interested and the quality and status of the prospect. You can also place the most important prospects onto a watch list.

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