GST Essentials - detail

The system was design to provide a simple to operate method of make the statutory returns required for the operation of GST.

It can be used to either record Customer invoices manually or these can be imported from the Time Billing system if appropriate. Invoices can then be posted into QuickBooks with the appropriate interface

Supplier details can be maintained and multi-line invoices can be entered into the system and different GST rates can be applied to individual lines. Suppliers bills can be posted into QuickBooks as bills into a user defined account. Each line can also be analysed to provide a greater degree of breakdown in QuickBooks.

Extensive help is provided and through the system pro-active Hints have been used to improve the learning curve. There are also getting started guides to make the early stages as trouble free as possible.

There is a 30 day trial system which will allow you to have a good look at the system before deciding if the system will be useful to your operation. To use this system go to the Downloads page and download the program. Should you decide to proceed you can license the program and continue using the system without interruption.