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This program was developed over a period of some years in a domestic environment to address the many day to day issues that can benefit from being organised into a straightforward computer program.

The system is extremely flexible and can be used in full or by using just those components that are useful to you. It is not designed to be a multi-user system in that records are not identified as belonging to any one particular user, but there is no reason why it cannot be used on a home network.

The system was originally designed as a contact database whilst keeping track of a Christmas list and entertainment. However, it quickly developed into a more comprehensive program to record favourite recipes, track wine cellar purchases and usage. There is also a facility to track those important dates that you must remember such as birthdays and anniversaries.

Since its original design there have been several useful additions to the program. A list of assets is maintained in which you can record cost and current value of your household furniture and valuables. This is useful for insurance cover and claims. There is a section for recording those items that you lend and those that you borrow. No more questions as to where that favourite book has gone.

There is a medical section in which you can record your medication and usage. You can also log your Blood Pressure in order to track any significant changes. Furthermore we have not forgotten your pets. There is a section for Pet records where you can enter special events and reminders for flea and worming treatment

There are lots of other functions that are dealt with in greater detail in the Detailed Specification with a link below. The system is easy to back up to ensure that if the worst was to happen that your household data is safe.

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