Installation Instructions


BACKUP - Before you start please be sure your system has been backed up. If things go wrong you may need to restore to your original set up. This is most unlikely but just a wise precaution.

Locate the setup file you have downloaded from the Internet or been sent and double click the file to run it. Make sure you read all the instructions and screens as you progress through the process of installation.

Installation Process

First confirm that you wish to install the Payroll System.

On the Welcome screen read what it says and then click the [NEXT] button.

On the License Agreement screen read the license and, if you are satisfied, click the I accept the agreement button and then click the [
NEXT] button.

On the Information screen read what it says and before continuing be sure it is what you want to do. If you are in any doubt as to what is going to happen then seek advice either using our Contact Us option or calling your hardware supplier.

On the Select Destination Directory either click the next button to install in C:\ as default or, if you understand what you are doing, select the location into which you what the Payroll Essentials to be installed.

On the Select Additional Tasks click the Quick Launch box if required or leave it as it is set and click [NEXT].

On the Ready to Install screen check the settings and use the [BACK] button to rectify anything necessary and, when satisfied, click [INSTALL].

Once this is complete click [
FINISH] to complete the installation. The install program will also check for and, if necessary, install Microsoft dotNET, which is required by the Tax Office's Returns Utility, and then install the Tax Office's Returns Utility itself.

When Installation is complete click [OK]

That's all there is to it.

You can now start the program by clicking the desktop icon. To logon at first use the Username
admin with PW admin to get started but then read Help with regard to passwords and users.

There is extensive help on most aspects of the program. There is plenty of information in help about everything you need to know. Please use the Help system as much as you can and use F1 every time to open a new form. Most forms have their own specific Help. If you cannot get your system loaded after installation you can read help directly from the PayrollEssentials\ Help folder. The File is called PayrollEssentials.hlp. Double click this file to start it.