Migrating the Payroll System

If your computer system is to be replaced you will need to migrate the Payroll from your old system to the new one. There are a number of programs that are required and these are installed in the correct locations by the Payroll Setup program available on the internet. Follow these instructions:

1. Backup
If you need to move your system to a new computer the most important thing to do first is to take a backup of the Data folder. If you installed the program using the defaults, the Data Folder will be in the C:\PayrollEssentials. If you, or your system administrator installed it elsewhere, then you need to be sure that the Data Folder is copied to some media that can be read on the new system. You may also want to copy all your special folders into which you save your ITIS, Social Security, Backups, BACS etc. These files and their locations are defined in the System Parameters by you.

2. Installing new Payroll Essential system
Install a new Trial Payroll system which should be downloaded from the Website and installed in the usual way, following the prompts. For a network, this must be installed onto the server.

3. Start the Trial Payroll
Double click the Icon on the screen and start Payroll. Use the user name of ‘admin’ and the password of ‘admin’. Confirm normal access is achieved.

4. Replace the Data folder
Locate the Data folder where the system placed it or where you told the system to place it. If you used defaults, this will be C:\PayrollEssentials. Rename this Data folder to something like Data_Trial. Add the Data Folder saved in 1 above into the same folder in which the renamed Data_Trial resides, so there is both Data and Data_Trial.

5. Synchronize your Data
Your Payroll program has a synchronized key to the Computer onto which it is loaded. Having loaded a Trial system and then replaced the Data this new data will not be synchronized. When you start the program it will tell you that there is an invalid System key. You must now answer YES to edit your license details. On the license screen, click Shift + Ctrl + F8. A Renew button will appear in the top right of the License Details form. Click the Renew button and answer the question offered. Now click the Request Renewal of Licence button. This will send your details to our Registration system. You must also send the automatically created email to notify us of you wish to renew.

When you receive your new credentials start the system and answer YES to edit the Licence details. Once these are correctly entered the system will start normally with the original (backed up) Data.

Finally delete the Data_Trial folder you renamed in item 4 above.

6. Installing Terminals
If you are installing the Payroll as a Terminal / Server multi user installation you will now need to install Payroll Essentials Terminal Program onto each Terminal that needs access to the Payroll. Use the program and instructions provided in the Payroll.