Installation Instructions


BACKUP - Before you start please be sure to back up your system. If things go wrong you may need to restore to your original set up.

Locate the setup file you have downloaded from the Internet or been sent and double click the file to run it. If you are a novice please use these Installation Instructions during this installation. These are provided to make life easy. If you decide to 'go your own way' please be sure you know what you are doing and be careful.

Installation Process (Single-user)

First discover what is the IP Address of the server onto which you wish to install your data. You will need this once the system has been installed.

Run the SE setup EXE program. This process will place the program, data, admin and help files into the folder designated.

On the License Agreement screen:
Please read the license carefully and if you are happy to comply with the requirements then click the 'I accept the agreement' button and click [
NEXT]. If you are not prepared to comply then you should leave the screen by clicking [CANCEL] and ending the installation.

On the Information screen there are the same instructions shown as here and click [

On the Select Destination Directory screen:
Select the drive and folder for your data location. It is best to use the system defaults that will be offered to you and click [

On Select Components screen:
Leave this as it is set to Master Installation for Single user and Multi user server installation and click

On the Select Start Menu Folder screen:
You should either use the default or enter your prefered name and click [

On the Select Additional Tasks screen leave it as it is set or select your preference and click [NEXT].

On the Ready to Install screen just check that everything looks right and then click [INSTALL].

Once this is complete click [
FINISH] to complete the installation. You are now ready to set the system to see the data files.

When the Server Adminstration Utility launches select File | Options and enter the IP Address of your server in the Remote Session Settings. Then click OK and select File | Login to Server. Enter the User Name
admin and Password DBAdmin (case sensitive). Select the Database tab and click Add button. In the right side for Name enter SalesEssentials (without space) and for Directory navigate to the Data folder of the installed SE System.

Now move to the Database Users tab and with SalesEssentials in the Database field click the Add button. In the right side with the User set to Admin click all the Rights to Grant flags so that they all have a tick. Then click Save.

You are now ready to login to the system. Double click the new Sales Essentials icon that has just been placed on the desktop by the installation. To logon initially use the Username
admin with PW admin (case sensitive) to get started but then read Help with regard to passwords and users. You will now be logged on in local mode. Read the Help file for Remote Settings and when to use them.

There is extensive help on most aspects of the program. There is plenty of information in help about what's new. Please use the Help system until you are familiar with how things work and use F1 every time you open a new form. Most forms have their own specific Help. If you cannot get your system loaded after installation you can read help directly from the Sales Essentials \ Help folder. The File is called Regist.hlp. Double click to display.