Time Billing Essentials
Additional Terminal Installation

When you need to install a new terminal onto an existing system, follow these instructions.
The Time Billing Essentials program is designed to run as a multi-user system. Once you have installed the master installation, which defines where the data files will be held, you can define additional terminals for the same system and point them at the common data. This data must be on a network drive to which all the terminal systems have access. For clarity it is best to map this location as the same drive on each terminal.

Now run the TBE_Additional_Setup program on each Terminal. This can be downloaded from the Website. It is most convenient if you place the downloaded setup program into your newly created Admin folder. This will make it available to all terminals. Use the following method:

· Navigate to the Setup file and double click it to start.

· On the Welcome screen click [NEXT]

· On the License Agreement screen, if you accept the License, select I accept and click [NEXT].

· On the Information screen click [NEXT] - these instructions are all you need for installation.

· On the Select Destination Directory screen select the network drive in the bottom section and navigate to the directory (folder) on which the TimeBillEssentials folder has been installed by your master installation. The program will add the 'TimeBillEssentials' so do not actually select the TimeBillEssentials folder itself or you will end up with a nested folder. Check the top line to ensure the TimeBillEssentials part is not duplicated. Click [NEXT]

· On the Select Additional Tasks screen leave the Create a desktop icon option ticked. This will place an icon on the desktop to run TimeBillEssentials.
· On the Ready to Install screen make a final check that everything is set as you would expect it and when you are satisfied click [INSTALL].
· Finally Click [FINISH]. That's the installation completed

Now you have to make the final connection onto the network.

· Start TimeBillEssentials by clicking the Icon just added to the desktop.
· You may see an Information popup screen that tells that you have an Invalid System Key and that you License is not valid. If you do click the [YES] button to edit the License details. If not skip to **
· On the License Details screen you will see the details displayed as they were entered in the Master system. If you are still running the Demonstration this will have been set by the master original installation.

· Click Shift+Ctrl+F4 and you will see the Term button appear.
· Click the Term button and answer the question. If the you are setting up as a terminal you can answer [YES]. If not, select [NO] and contact your supplier for further information.
· That's all there is to it. You are now ready to start the system normally. You will need to log on to the system using a user name provided. If this is the first time you have logged on your password will be 'default' and will have to be changed.

· ** Once logged on check the Staus line at the bottom of the Main form. If it shows Local you must use Shift+Ctrl+F6 and change to Remote and enter the correct IP Remote address. Once you have changed anything on this connection screen you must log off and then on again. This final step is necessary to connect to the database using Client Server..

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