Time Billing Essentials - detail

The system was design to provide billing for a number of different senarios including Professionals such as Lawyers, Accountants and Engineers and Service providers such as Nursing agencies, Builders, Gardeners or Temporary staff agencies.

All time can be posted into the billing system using a variety of components such as Client type, Job type, Employee grade and time band. This can be done using either a timesheet approach for recording time spent or can be used as a Desktop recorder with a Start and Stop button.

Also included is a schedule facility which can be used to hold a standard week of transactions which can be posted and modified. This facility greatly decreases the input required for companies which have semi standard work schedules.

Client Invoices can be prepared and printed within the system. The program integrates with QuickBooks Pro which allows for the posting of prepared Invoices directly into QB where they can be monitored and payments recorded against them.

Some businesses pay their staff by the number of hours they work for company Clients. The program provides for direct posting, if required, into the Payroll Essentials program within which other staff, such as permanent or administration staff, can also be paid.

The program also has an interface with the GST Essentials program allowing for the posting of Invoices into the GST System where they can form the basis of the company Outputs records. The time billing program operates using GST where defined.

The Rates matrix maintains both a billing rate and a staff payment rate for every combination of Client Type, Employee, Job Type and Time band. This allows for every employee, if necessary, to receive a different hourly rate for doing different jobs and taking account of where it was on a weekday, weekend, shift, night work, bank holiday etc - all user defined. This gives extensive flexibility.

There is a 30 day trial system which will allow you to have a good look at the system before deciding if the system will be useful to your operation. To use this system go to the Downloads page and download the program. Should you decide to proceed you can license the program and continue using the system without interruption.