Payroll Essentials - Tax and Social Insurance returns

When you run a payroll, the Tax and Social Insurance returns are automatically created in the approved, encoded format ready to be 'streamed' over the internet, sent on a disk or attached to an email and forwarded to the authorities.

Details are saved to disk during a payroll run and are ready for despatch at the end of each month / quarter (Tax) and each quarter (SI). No more forms to fill in!

When the system is first setup, the location for saving the returns files is defined and subsequently the system will create the required file and save it automatically. Then, when returns are due, the Tax Office's Returns Utility is accessed to automatically make the return in the chosen manner.

Because weekly and monthly payroll can be included in the same system in Jersey, the program will transparently take care of amalgamating both sets of returns into one composite return. You choose when you wish to make the return and the system takes care of everything. For Guernsey they are made in seperate returns one for Weekly paid staff and one for the Monthly paid.

Nothing could be simpler and there are no more forms to be completed and no more year to date totals to maintain. If you already use the Tax Office's Utility the conversion to Payroll Essentials will be straightforward.

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