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Channel Island Payroll Essentials

Payroll is a headache at the best of times but, since the Installment Tax system was introduced, with all the forms to be completed and year to date totals to be maintained, it has become even worse and of course there is still the Social Insurance report to prepare each quarter.

Below are a few of the most important features. To discover more about each one just click the link in the topic and read the detail.

Tax and Social Insurance Returns are prepared automatically when running a payroll and are sent to the department by using the special Returns Utility.

Minimal entry is required for each pay run - only changes need be entered.

Easy to Learn. The system has been designed to make it quick and simple to learn and includes comprehensive help.

Extensive security is provided throughout the system. Access to certain options and areas can be limited to specific users.

Absence monitoring is included and is extremely flexible. Bradford Factor analysis is included to assist in identifying habitual absenteeism and addressing its cause.

System Flexibility provides for a wide range of facilities.

Messages and Notes are available allowing information to be included on the payslip for any individual or for all those included in the payroll. Notes can also be entered to act as operator reminders.

One Payroll for all requirements, single or multiple companies with weekly or monthly payrolls in the same system.

Advanced controls provide useful facilities in a carefully controlled environment.

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