Payroll Essentials - Extensive security is provided

Clearly, a company payroll contains confidential information which needs to be kept confidential.

Access to the Payroll Essentials system can be limited to those with a user name and password. Each user with permission to log on to the system can have access to various areas limited by the system administrator.

Some companies have staff paid weekly and Directors paid monthly. In this situation, it might be required to prevent the staff seeing the Directors' pay. In this case, a staff member can run the weekly payroll and a Director run the monthly payroll. Provision is made that a user can be defined as only having access to one or the other group or both.

These permissions can be changed as the requirement changes.

When the user exits from the Payroll, the system can be set to remind you to backup your data files and will undertake this backup saving the files into a predefined location or onto a removable media for added security. Obviously, if a system wide backup is in place, this feature can be disabled.

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