Payroll Essentials - Absence Monitoring

The system is provided with the means to monitor sickness absence and plan for absence due to scheduled holidays and training.

Absence planning is done graphically and recorded in full days. This gives the ability to easily check if the company can allow holiday or training whilst continuing to provide adequate cover for other activities.

Sickness and holidays can be entered on the individual's pay record and can be either paid or unpaid. These entries are recorded in time using hours with two decimal places. This provides the ability to pay for and record parts of days.

All entries for both types of absence are also available on the individual's staff record making it easy to monitor attendance records.

Some companies have arrangements whereby they have special pay rates for periods of sickness. The overall flexibility of this system allows for any special rates to be entered easily.

There are comprehensive reports for both holiday and sickness for both the current year and previous year. This makes it simple to monitor the overall company performance and also to continually check the amount of annual holiday remaining across the whole company.

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