Payroll Essentials - Flexibilty

The system is designed for use by a wide range of company types. Whether your company is a contract builder, a professional firm, or an hotel with seasonal staff, the system can be used with ease.

Seasonal workers can be terminated when they go home for extended holiday periods and, upon their return they, are simply given the new start date. These periods of work and absence are recorded automatically and there is no requirement to enter a new staff record for each employee returning.

In some cases, staff working both day and night duties and shift work might have various different pay rates. There is no limit to the number of different pay types and rates that can be utilised. Pay types, deductions, savings schemes etc. can all be defined to suit the company's method of operation.

Pre-payments, where staff require regular advances to pay, say, mortgages before their pay date, superannuation, loans, subsidies and expenses, are all catered for. Subcontractors can also be included even if they are exempt from Tax.

All types of Benefit in Kind are included, making it easier to maintain the records that are required at year end. BIK year end returns can also be completed using the Tax Office Returns Utility, just like the monthly returns.

It is even simple to make late changes to pay runs that have already been completed. After making a change to parameters, it is possible to change any run if this is necessary. This is possible under careful control.

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