Payroll Essentials - One Payroll for all requirements

The system is powerful in its design allowing use for a wide variety of operations. In its most usual configuration, it is used for one company with as many staff as required.

The system has been designed for both Jersey and Guernsey, taking care of the great differences between the treatment of Tax and Social Insurance between these two jurisdictions. It is, however, necessary to run the system as one or the other as they are so different. If you have staff in both Islands then it will be necessary to run two systems, one for each island.

It can also be configured for Multiple Companies for use by those who run payrolls for more than one company. Some accountants and bookkeepers prepare the payrolls for a number of clients. These operations may use this same system for as many companies as required. Each company's records are maintained discretely and can be separated out if required in future.

If you are a business with season large fluctuations of staff numbers, such as in the Hospitality or Farming industry, you can elect to license using the Average Usage option.

There is also an option for use as a Domestic payroll where staff numbers are six or less. The system in this case can be run as a single or two entities.

Weekly and Monthly payrolls can be run alongside each other in any of these configurations. This provides great convenience in keeping all the payroll records in a single group of files.

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