Payroll Essentials - Advanced controls for greater flexibility

Throughout the system there are facilities and features that provide great flexibility whilst carefully providing control to avoid erroneous actions.

There is a facility to close off each payroll as soon as a new payroll is created. In this way, changes can be made only to the current payroll. Changes required to earlier payrolls can be made but it is first necessary to set a flag to let the system know that you are permitted to make changes. The pay run requiring the changes must be opened to make the change and then closed once done.

If it is necessary or required to delete a staff record, this can also be done. Again, it is first necessary to set a flag to allow this action and the action will automatically set the flag back on to protect other records from erroneous deletion.

Similarly, a complete Payroll can be deleted with all the related pay records and all the items that relate to each of the pay records. This might be necessary during the early days of running the system or during testing. It is unlikely to be a requirement once normal operation has been established.

In the Multi Company version, there is also an ability to delete a company from the list of active companies. This will not, however, delete the data files for that company as they may be required to create a new single company setup for the company.

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