Payroll Essentials - User Testimonial 1

The following text is from a user who was asked to describe her experiences with Payroll Essentials . . .

I was first introduced to Payroll Essentials in July 2008, after having coped for a number of years on my own with the personnel issues and salaries of our small business. However, by that time it was clear that the burden imposed by ITIS and the ever increasing demands of the newly-introduced employment legislation was fast becoming too much for me to deal with manually, even for a business such as ours, employing only on average ten to twelve staff. I had looked at various payroll systems, but they were expensive and not very user-friendly.

After having been introduced to Peter Fergusson at a social function, and my lamenting to him about my lot in life in relation to the time spent managing our HR issues, I was invited for a demonstration a few days later. From the beginning the system impressed me, not only did it do in a few seconds all that I had been laboriously doing myself, but it was able to accomplish tasks I hadn’t even considered before, but which are so very useful to a well-run business, such as clear and manageable staff records, the managing of absence, including holidays as well as the production of Bradford reports.

To say that using the system has changed my life would be an understatement. The programme is flexible and comprehensive, but simplicity itself to operate, even for a computer illiterate such as myself. The ‘help’ section of the programme is well-written and covers every procedure, answering any question you may have, as well as even those not yet thought of.

It is all so self-explanatory, and the paying of staff, producing payslips, and the ITIS and social security returns now all take a matter of seconds, rather than the hours that used to be expended. More importantly for me, access to all records is now just a click away. As a result the time that is saved at the end of each month can be used productively and lucratively elsewhere.

However, the most important aspect of any good system is the back-up, and the service that Peter provides is second to none, especially in the beginning when data is initially entered. The strength of any programme is not how it deals when things are going right, but how queries and difficulties are managed, and Peter is always available by email, usually replying within a very short time, even at weekends if he is available. You never feel alone.

I would unequivocally recommend Payroll Essentials to anyone, whether their requirement is for 5 or 500 staff. They will never regret it.”

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