Payroll Essentials - User Testimonial 1 (Financial services business)

. . . . to say that using the system has changed my life would be an understatement. The programme is flexible and comprehensive, but simplicity itself to operate, even for a computer illiterate such as myself. The help section of the programme is well-written and covers every procedure, answering any question you may have, as well as even those not yet thought of . . . (see more)

Payroll Essentials - User Testimonial 2 (inexperienced user)

. . . . if you have any issues with the way you currently do your payroll we would highly recommend you consider using this program. Even if you think you don't need to change, do check it out. On the basis of our experience, we are sure you will be very pleased you did. I must say a big thank you . . . . (see more)

Payroll Essentials - User Testimonial 3 (IT proffessional of many years)

. . . . although initially sceptical about the value of Payroll Essentials for a small restaurant business, I was converted with my first Payroll run! . . . .The value for me in Payroll Essentials comes with the ease of setting up and maintaining employee records . . . .Thank you Payroll Essentials - I would recommend you to any business, whatever the size! . . . . (see more)

Payroll Essentials - User Testimonial 4 (Nursing services business - using Payroll and Time Billing integrated with QuickBooks and GST Essentials)

. . . . I have used the system for 12 months now (implemented Jan 2010) and have never looked back. I have a bespoke Payroll/Billing service which integrates Social Security/ITIS GST and a link to QuickBooks, all of which requires only one data entry. Fantastic. . . (see more)

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