Payroll Essentials - User Testimonial 2

John Rondel
Rondel’s Farm Shop

My brother, Richard, was responsible for arranging the installation of a new Payroll program in March 2008, before I took over the running of our Farm Shop from him in February 2009. He met Peter Fergusson in our Farm Shop and they got talking about business in general and in particular the need to streamline some of the administration. Peter suggested we try the Payroll Essentials program which had been written specially for the Channel Islands.

As with most changes in administration practice we were a little sceptical but decided to have a look. We had a demonstration which persuaded us that it would be very straight forward and so we arranged for Peter to give an hour of installation and training to our lady bookkeeper. He felt this was sufficient in the first instance and it proved to be so. We had a further hour when I, with little computer experience, took over the running of the office and have not needed any further training.

We have had a number of changes in the office staff and procedures since then and have passed the operation of the payroll on several times. We have been both surprised and pleased at how easy it has been to get going and to use it routinely. It has many more features than we expected and it is now so easy to send in our tax and social security returns electronically. A big benefit is that all our payroll information and history is all in one place and easy to view.

If you have any issues with the way you currently do your payroll we would highly recommend you consider using this program. Even if you think you don’t need to change, do check it out. On the basis of our experience, we are sure you will be very pleased you did. I must say a big thank you to Peter.

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