Payroll Essentials - User Testimonial 3

Although initially sceptical about the value of Payroll Essentials for a small restaurant business, I was converted with my first Payroll run! In common with many directors of small businesses, I was using Excel for my payroll, plus online filing of ITIS and Social Security returns using the software provided by the States, which of course involved re-entering everything.

The value for me in Payroll Essentials comes with the ease of setting up and maintaining employee records, especially for casual staff with different hours every payroll period, and even different staff every payroll period, and the speed of filing on-line returns without re-entering anything at all. I also have the comfort of knowing that the calculations of ITIS and Social Security are always correct, without the need to worry about constantly checking the formulae in my spreadsheet to ensure they were pointing at the right cells whenever I made a change.

Thank you Payroll Essentials – I would recommend you to any business, whatever the size!

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