Payroll Essentials - Easy to Learn

The system is designed to be easy to learn. Downloading and installing is a simple task and is explained in a detailed document that can be read on this website.

When you first start the system there are pro-active hints to give tips about every screen you open. As you get to know how each works, that hint can be turned off. Once you know the system there is comprehensive context sensitive help on every screen just by clicking F1.

The system is initially installed with demonstration staff records so that you can start right away with trialling the program. This will help you to understand how it works without the usual confusion of where to start.

There is a comprehensive tutorial which will guide you through the basic points of the program and make the learning time easier. Information about more advanced features can be obtained from the help screens.

When you are ready to start using the system with your own staff records and company information, there is a button to clear down all the trial data and make the system ready for your own data.

Finally there is a simple screen for batch entry of your basic staff and company details. This makes it quick to do and easy to spot any omissions.

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