IFA Essentials

This program was developed with the close involvement of a practicing Independent Financial Advisor who specialises in the provision of Mortgages and Insurance. It was specifically written to address the many facets of the regulations governing IFA's whilst giving the partners control over their client base and ensuring that no opportunity to increase sales is overlooked.

The system is extremely flexible and can be used in full by either individuals from their home office or multiple users working on a network whilst reducing the need for additional administration staff.

The system is designed around the Client record and allows for unlimited applicants per Client and multiple sales. Automatically created recalls are generated for clients, events, applicants or sales rec
ords. It is designed for the sale and mointoring of Insurance and Mortgages only.

The recall system can ensure that clients are contacted prior to product renewal dates. Sales can be processed efficiently with recalls set to chase providers and tasks can be allocated to other users of the system. Notes can be added to each client file, thus showing the progression for each sale from the initial disclosure document being issued through to the completion and payment from the product provider.

There is a wide range of useful reports and all documents for each client are stored in the clients own folder thus ensuring that a single location can be used for all electronically produced illustrations and client documentation. With the use of a scanner to record and save written / printed documentation, a client file could become paperless.

The system is easy to back up to ensure that if the worst was to happen that your client data is safe.

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