Payroll Essentials - Downloads and Displays
Download 30 day free trail system - approx 35Mb
This is the full version of the Payroll Essentials program and includes a selection of staff records for test data in order to make it easier to get started with the trial.
If you install this on a system which has an existing version of the program the new system will completely overwrite the existing version. If you have data that you need to retain you must only update the program. (see below)

Download Update to latest version - approx 6Mb
If you are currently running the Payroll either as a trial to test the system or you are using a licensed copy with live data that needs to be preserved this is where you get the latest update. Be sure to backup your data before running the setup.

Download Payroll Essentials Tutorial
This file is a simple Word Document of 16 pages which takes you through the important aspects of starting, setting up and running the payroll. There are screen shots giving clear explanations.

Download Payroll Essentials Terminal Setup Program
If you need to install your Payroll as a Multi user system on a network you will need to download this setup program (instructions below).

Download Payroll Essentials Colour Chart
If you are using the Absence Schedules in Payroll Essentials and you require additional colours this link will download a very comprehensive chart from which you can select the colours required.


For the latest pricing please contact the office by email.

Renewing an existing License
Licensing fees are for one year of use. To renew your annual license go to your License Details on the Setup screen and click the Request Renewal of License. Use F1 help and FAQ section on this website to obtain further help.

Display Installation Instructions
Use these instructions to install the program from scratch. Any earlier installation and all its data will be overwritten and therefore loss.

Display Running the Update Program
These instruction will guide you through the updating of an existing installation. It may be useful to print this form and keep it with your notes.

Display Installing Additional Terminal
These instruction will guide you through the installation of an addition terminal onto an existing installation. You will need to download the Payroll Essentials Terminal Setup Program (above)

Display Migrating your Payroll system
These instruction will guide you through the migration of your system to a new PC.

Display Frequently Asked Questions
Here is a short list of some of the more popular questions. It is a good idea to review these prior to sending in emails for help.

Display Verbose Details with Screen Shots
This is a lengthy description of some of the features and includes some screen shots to give you a flavour of the design.